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With its secure whistleblower system, artos Vertriebsgesellschaft KG provides the opportunity to report violations of the law, internal guidelines and other regulations of artos Vertriebsgesellschaft KG (e.g. criminal offenses or data protection violations) under the strict protection of identity.

White-collar crime and other unlawful business practices are highly damaging to artos Vertriebsgesellschaft KG. Your information can help to uncover and prevent misconduct at an early stage and thus avert damage to artos Vertriebsgesellschaft KG and its employees.

Our internal whistleblowing system is designed to protect you when you make a report. Your identity is securely protected via the technical procedure of the whistleblower platform. Incoming reports are received by an external, independent body and processed in strict confidence, so that you needn’t have any concerns about negative consequences at your workplace.

Reports should be submitted to the best of your knowledge and belief, whereby the protection of your identity only extends as far as you yourself do not violate applicable law. Therefore you should only report abuse if you have knowledge or reasonable suspicion that a violation has occurred. If reports are made carelessly or knowingly incorrectly and unjustified accusations or allegations are made, the whistleblower must face appropriate consequences.

We encourage our employees who become aware of compliance risks and violations to contact their supervisors or our established reporting office in confidence. This gives us the opportunity to solve problems sustainably and effectively.

Your information will be received and processed by independent persons bound to secrecy and appropriate follow-up measures will then be taken.


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