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Installation advice

New installations

For new installations, we recommend using a hydraulic or pneumatic post driver.  If the ground is hard or rocky, it is highly recommended to use a vibration driven post driver, and to drill a pre-hole with a rock spike before installing the posts.

Impact protectors are available for every artos post, so as to avoid damaging the post during a mechanical installation. For intermediate posts, make sure that flat side of the post faces uphill / towards the slope.


What needs to be taken into account to define the distance between posts?

Inter post spacing depends on the type of post used, the thickness of the material, as well as the conditions of the vineyard terrain. For trellis installations that are exposed to cross winds, the spacing between posts should be reduced or the thickness of the steel needs to be increased. We are happy to advise you on the correct spacing of your posts.

Installation of artos end posts

The end post is an essential part of the trellis system. In addition to choosing the right end post and material thickness, the double tie back to the ground anchor and the distance between the base of the post and the anchor point are all very important elements to take into consideration.

To avoid the end post sinking into the ground with the weight of the trellis and crop, a base plate can be attached to the end post. This installation is very easy and effective.