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Production and treatment of artos posts

S235 JR - Steel – Hot dipped galvanised

S235 steel (DIN EN 10025-2) forms the base of our hot dipped galvanised vineyard posts. Due to its good weldability, ease of profiling and a high load bearing, this steel has been trialled and tested over the year with great success. As S235 does not have any protection against corrosion, a hot dipped galvanised treatment is required. The posts are batch submerged in a liquid zinc bath, this process is called “single unit galvanisation”. The holes and hooks punched out of the steel are subsequently completely covered with a zinc coating.


Galvanised posts are made from steel that is already pre-galvanised. The raw material is a streel strip that is cold rolled and subsequently immersed in liquid zinc during a continuous process, then the post is profiled. Any holes or hooks that are then punched from the steel do not have the zinc coating over the edges. Cathodic protection ensures that the exposed cut parts benefit from the sacrificial qualities of zinc.

S235 - Weathering steel

Vineyard posts manufactured with weathering steel form a protective covering of the steel which gives a rusted look to the post. The weathering steel effect is achieved by a compound of copper and chrome. Although the rusting process cannot be entirely stopped, it is so weak after only a few years that it can be used unprotected.