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MEISER and artos sales company – 2 great partners

In Rhinehesse, the largest vineyard region in Germany, vineyard managers and technicians worked together to develop the artos product range. This led to the creation of artos trellis systems.

These trellis systems are made up of intermediate posts and end posts – with both internal notches and external hooks which guarantee the best support for trellis wires.

Encouraged by the success in the German vineyard regions, we present to you the artos trellis systems; a product « Made in Germany », in partnership with our manufacturer MEISER, which for over 20 years has been producing posts for applications that stretch past European borders.

MEISER is a medium sized family business managed by the family itself, based in the Schmelz-Limbach area. Other production sites are based throughout the whole world.

In addition to the steel grating and security flooring production, the production of vineyard posts helps increase our range of products. The artos vineyard posts are manufactured at the Meiser Vogtland site.

Investing in know-how and technology, the artos trellis system can evolve and adapt to the customer needs.