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If, despite the greatest care, material or manufacturing defects occur, we guarantee the agreed quality of the goods delivered by us, in accordance with the provisions of the law on the sale and delivery of said good. The following are excluded from all warranties: products designated as special or second hand items, as well as items damaged through misuse, normal wear and tear, and exposure to chemicals or force majeure.

The following information applies to vineyard posts that have been purchased by the customer. In general, damages caused by not respecting the following instructions are not covered by any guarantee.

Appropriate measures should be taken to protect the top of the post against impacts and damage during installation. If the ground is rocky and has lots of stones, pre-holes should be made with a rock spike before installing the post. It is also advisable to check to what extent the zinc coating has been damaged by rocks during installation. In the event of severe damage to the zinc layer, preventative measures must be taken (for example an additional coating of liquid bitumen applied to the lower part of the post). This preventative measure is also recommended for acid soils and sites with a permanent moisture concentration.

If the posts are stored outside for a prolonged period of time, good drainage and appropriate ventilation should be considered. In addition to this, fertilisers should not be stored in the near vicinity of the posts, because they could, with stagnant humidity, corrode the zinc layer. Branches, pine cones, or leaves should be removed regularly. These will not harm the zinc layer, but could leave an unpleasant discolouration on the zinc layer.

If the zinc coating is lightly damaged during installation or because of machinery use, in most cases this will not affect the integrity of the rest of the zinc coating. The aforementioned cathodic protection ensures that rusting does not take place. In cases where there has been a lot of damage done to the coating and rusting occurs, the post should be removed and then painted with a zinc treated paint.

For areas exposed to transversal winds, it is advisable to install the first five rows of posts that receive the impact of the wind, at a reduced inter post spacing, as well as ensuring they are installed to the correct depth. If these recommendations are not followed, the trellis will be at risk of leaning, or in extreme circumstances, deform the post. We recommend using a larger profile and thicker steel for installations in windy / exposed areas.