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artos EP 1 end post

The eye-catching profile of the artos end post has an excellent stability and ground seating, due to its large surface area in contact with the soil. Above an insertion depth of 90 cm and more, the end post can withstand even the highest strains. Years of experience working with harvesting machines confirms the stability of this end post.

The key to the success of this posts is due to the 8 or 10 rounded metal bars that are welded into the post (custom shape). They ensure that the post has an excellent seating in the spoil, as well as a strong resistance to twisting.

The rounded metal bars also enable you to attach wire to the end post.

The rounded metal bars also enable you to attach wire to the end post. They can be used for chains to fix the wire to the post, or other accessories such as tension springs to secure your foliage wires. At the base of the post the metal bars are welded inclined to help fix the post into the ground, as well as being used as a stopper when a ground base plate is used. Further accessories for wire attachment are not required.

Product range

Material thickness / Weight per metre Hot Dipped Galvanised

1,60 mm/1,98 kg
1,90 mm/2,34 kg
2,10 mm/2,58 kg
Standard lengths 2300 - 2700 mm
Coil width 143 mm
Coating Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG)
artos EP1 end post


Recommended installation depth

Post length (mm) Recommended installation depth (mm)
2300 - 2500 900
2600 - 2700 950
artos EP1 end post
artos EP1 end post

The EP1 has holes in the rear of the post so as to connect the anchor wire to the end post.

EP1 Line, artos EP1, end post
EP1 Line