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artos D Post

The artos D post is characterised by a high stability and excellent seating in the ground which come from its shape and large surface area in contact with the soil.

The post is available in different sizes, thicknesses and different internal hooks.

To be able to offer solutions for all types of trellis requirements, it is possible to customise the internal hooks types for a minimum order quantity.

Product range

Material thickness / Weight per metre Hot Dipped Galvanised Strip Galvanised / zinc magnesium
  1,60 mm/1,75 kg
1,90 mm/2,11 kg
2,10 mm/2,35 kg
1,50 mm/1,63 kg
1,80 mm/1,97 kg
2,00 mm/2,19 kg
Standard lengths 2000 - 2700 mm
Coil width 143 mm
Coating Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG), Strip Galvanised (SG), Weathering steel (C-Type)
Hook type Internal hooks spaced at 100 mm

Post Dimensions

Recommended installation depth

Post length (mm) Recommended installation depth (mm)
2000 - 2300 600
2400 650
2500 700
2600 - 2700 750 - 800

artos D Post hook type