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Essential and practical – artos accessories

In addition to vineyard posts, we also have a wide range of accessories adapted to your requirements. Find the product that suits your application.

We will be happy to help.

artos Ground anchors

artos Disc anchor
Disc anchor
  • One-piece, universal ground anchor
  • Different lengths and disc sizes available upon request
artos Ankerset „Zement“
Concrete anchor
• Made with a concrete slab (Ø 30-40 cm), steel rod attached directly to anchor
• Suitable for loose / clay ground


artos Steel plate anchor
Steel plate anchor
• Anchor plate measuring 25 x 25 cm, with a steel rod attached to the plate
• Available in kit format
• Suitable for loose / clay ground
artos “AVO” anchor
“AVO” anchor
• Percussion driven anchor, self-locking mechanism in the ground
• Ideal solution for rocky / difficult ground types

To install the ground anchor, use the drive rod. This item is sold separately.


artos Accessories

artos Wire spreaders
Wire spreaders
• Labour saving product when raising crop wires
• Attaches directly to the post
• Stainless steel construction
• Can be reused year after year
• Adapted to the profile of the post
artos Wire spreader clip
Wire spreader clip
• Can be installed on posts with interior or exterior hooks
• The wire spreader can be installed at all heights on the post
artos Base plate

Base plate

• EP1/EP2 hot dipped galvanised
• EP75 available in hot dipped galvanised, strip galvanised and weathering steel
• Reinforces stability even in loose ground
• Specially designed for artos end posts
artos Impact protector

Impact protector

• Protects the post when being installed with machinery
• Impact protectors available for artos posts
artos Chains
• Enable tensioning of wires connected to the end post
• Available in stainless steel and galvanised steel
artos Synthetic wire protector
Synthetic wire protector
• Protects synthetic wire and plastic-coated wire
• A plastic nub prevents the synthetic wire from jumping out
artos Chain adapter

Chain adapter
• The chain adapter sits in the hooks on the C60 end post
• It can be attached to the EP75 via the holes on the side of the post
• Chains or tensioners can be attached to the adapter

artos Vine tying cord

Vine tying cord
• Wire coated in biodegradable paper
• For tying vines
• Bundles of 500g
• Available in different lengths and various colours

artos Tension bar with locking bolt

Tension bar with locking bolt
• Enables wire tensioning with the EP75 posts
• Can be used for single or double wires
• Locking bolt included

artos Morse tensioner

Morse tensioner
• The Bi-Morse is used to join wires
• The Morses are used to tension wire at the end post

artos Livio clip 6/10

Livio clip 6/10
• Quick and easy installation
• Can be reused due to stainless steel construction
• Prevents an “incision" on the scion
• No sharp edges

artos End post tie back cable

End post tie back cable
• Secures end post
• Available in different lengths
• Tensioner included in the kit
• Cable available separately

artos Dynamic Spring

Dynamic Spring
• Double – for use on rear external part of end post
• Single– for use on internal side of end post

artos Dynamic Spring

Tension Spring
• Stainless steel spring
• Locking bolt included
• M8 x 70 mm nut and bolt included
• Can be used for single or double wires

artos Vineyard wire

Vineyard wire
• Various options are available – contact us for more information

artos Tensioner

• Used for tensioning vineyard wire
• Also used for tensioning end post tie back cable